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Hunting Trips-R-Us, Directory for Hunting Guides and OutfittersThe Hunting-Trips-Are-Us Directory provides links to hunting guides and outfitters that can help you plan guided hunts. These services can cover; upland and waterfowl birds, small and big game that are the most popular in the United States of America and Canada.

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For those hunters looking for hunting articles or hunts taken in the areas you were interested in, you may want to look at our Hunting Magazines page. We also provide links for hunting land for sale and land for lease as well, incase hunters wish to explore that option. Just click on the state to the right that you wish to hunt in and a display of the most popular animals will be there for you to choose from along with a guide or outfitter that can help you plan your next guided trip. Or you can pick from the list of game below.

Variety of Birds, Waterfowl, Small and Big Game HuntingWe are also listing taxidermy services, lodges or hotel accommodations, and supply stores that can offer hunting equipment such as; bow {archery}, rifle or guns, muzzleloader, shotgun with shells and slugs, camping tents, boots, clothing, and duck calls for waterfowl. The equipment they can supply can easily make the difference from a good guide trip to a great one. So be prepared when planning future hunting trips and make sure that the guide or outfitter that you hire offers exactly what you are wanting on a guided hunt.

Upland Waterfowl Birds, Small and Big Game Animals

There are many types of upland waterfowl birds, small and big game animals to plan a hunting trip for. Not all of the states will be able to hunt each animal listed. And there are some animals not listed, but all the guides or outfitters that we list have a website that should describe what guided hunts they offer and any additional information you may need for the state you are interested in.

Big Game Animals

Small Game Animals

Game Birds

Detailed information for the game listed above should be on the hunting guides or outfitters websites. They should be contacted directly with any questions you may have on guided hunt.

Big Game Hunting Trips

Big Game Hunting Trips Across AmericaMany different big game hunting trips are offered by guides and outfitters across America. Each state has different laws and regulations, and should be taken in consideration in planning guided big game hunts.
For example; most states allow you to use a rifle, bow {archery}, muzzleloader, or shotgun slug for a big game hunting trip. There are states like Illinois that have laws against using rifles for whitetail deer. The reason being the land is too flat and open. The list below is the most popular animals that a guide or outfitter will offer on a guided hunt.

Big Game Animals

Big Game Animals

Some hunts may require a tree stand while others may need a blind or camouflage clothing. Each guided hunt has its own unique aspects that only enhance the experience. Adding to that experience is the planning of what state your next guided big game trip is going to be in. There are many different types locations, from mountain ranges like Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, to less stringent areas like Kentucky, Georgia, Texas, Michigan or Ohio to just name a few. The United States of America along with Canada has a wide range of different habitats from which to pick from. You may even find hunting land for sale or land for lease in our website that may interest you as well. The hunting guides and outfitters whom have big game hunts are listed on the web-pages that each link is pointing to.

Small Game Hunting Trip

Small Game Hunting TripsA small game hunting trip can be booked with any guide or outfitter in the area of the country that you are looking a. Many can be found in our directory that does offer guided hunts for the animal that you are the most interested in.
Each state will have different rules and regulations for every small game and the guides or outfitters should be able to help you with any information you may need. The list below is of the most popular in the United States of America and Canada.

Small Game Animals

Small Game Animals

  • Wolverine
  • Javelina
  • Badger
  • Prairie Dogs

Small game hunting can have requirements that other types of hunts do not need. For example predator or varmint hunting can need special skills to bag these trophies.
The guides and outfitters that offer guided hunts will be located all across the United States of America and Canada. Each one will be able to offer you something unique as far as the surroundings and landscape. Their websites should give you more detailed information on what they offer on a guided hunt and what kind of booking package they can provide. If you are interested in hunting land for sale or for leasing purposes then you can take a look at our land for sale webpage link at the top of our home page.

Upland Waterfowl and Other Game Bird Hunting Trips

Bird Game Hunting trips like this Arkansas Duck HuntingHunting-Trips-R-Us has links to many outfitters and guides across the United States of America and Canada that offer upland waterfowl and other game bird hunting trips. Some of the most popular states for birds are Iowa, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Illinois, Arkansas, and Louisiana among several others. The hunting guides and outfitters for each state can give you more information on other waterfowl and birds that they can offer on a trip.

Game Birds

Game Birds

We have several webpage’s on each state for game bird trips. Just pick the state you are interested in and you will be shown the most popular types of upland waterfowl and other types of birds that can be hunted in that state. The guides and outfitters from that state would be happy to book your next guided trip. You may even find hunting land for sale or land for lease that offers you a better option, and a link to that can be found at the top of this webpage.

Hunting-Trips-Are-Us Hopes Every Hunter has a Fantastic hunt

Have a Great Hunting TripWe at Hunting-Trips-Are-Us strive to help hunters locate game birds, small and big game hunting guides and outfitters for their next hunt throughout the United States of America and Canada. Whether looking for a guide or outfitter or looking for land for sale or land for lease, our directory offers much information to the average hunter. The links to each of these companies want your business. We at Hunting-Trips-Are-Us cannot be responsible for any company listed. We are a “Internet Directory” and these links are for advertising purposes, and should be kept in mind when planning your next trip.


Choose a State for Your Hunting Trip

The links that Hunting-Trips-Are-Us provides are for your convenience. We have listed the most popular upland waterfowl and other types of birds, small and big game animals. You will need to research the guides and outfitters that offers guided hunts for that animal before making any decisions.

The lay of the land is different across the United State of America and Canada and should be given thought to before planning a guided trip. For example some of the more popular game birds are located in states along the coastal areas and depending on the time of year could easily affect the quality of any guided hunt. Big game may be high in the mountains and thus would require added clothing and equipment. Much of that needed equipment can be found at the supply stores or shops that we have listed on most every webpage in our directory.

Small game, which include predator hunting or varmint hunting can be of a unique experience as well and can test your skills as a sportsman. These animals are very cleaver at knowing when there is danger in the area. A good guide or outfitter could have additional knowledge that you may not have, which could make the difference in a good trip or a great one.

We have places for taxidermy services to be listed so you can have your kill mounted. A good taxidermist can mount your bird, small or big game as if it were still alive. Always as for examples of their work before hiring them.

There is a place for hunting lodges and hotel accommodations. Some of the guides or outfitters may also have cabins or lodges that are part of the hunting package they offer. If they do then make sure if they supply food and if the cabin or lodge has running water or other utilities.

The supply stores that we list should be able fulfill any needs you may have for any guided hunting trip. From camping equipment, duck calls, shotguns and shells, to clothing and boots you should be able to find what you are looking for.

Hunting-Trips-Are-Us strive to create a great directory and would like for you to know that we are always wanting to hear from our visitors. Please drop us a line and let us know how your hunting trip went.